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Wide experience and wide range of lenses

For Private Label

Whatsapp to +8210 3395 8076  for quick reply or E-mail us directly at

Follow our private label guide below :

1. Order condition conference
If you are interested on Private label, we will share the Price, MOQ, Production time, Payment term, Price term, Delivery etc.


2. Lens design and color selection
Once the order condition is agreed upon, we share our lens collection to you. You may choose lens designs and colors from our wide range of collection

Or you can send us lens samples for reference so that we can make similar colors.

3. Lens type
You may choose from our 4 lens types:

  • Premium quality 1 year

  • Standard quality 3 month

  • 1 week lens

  • 1day lens


4. Package type
We provide from premium packaging to basic packaging. We will share some sample packaging photos for your reference. You may choose the one according to your need.
Or you may share package samples and we can make a similar packaging by understanding your design needs 
Or you can make package on your own from any another source and send us as well. 

5. Deposit 
Once we agree 1~4, we will issue a Proforma Invoice for deposit.

6. Package design
Once we receive deposit, we will send the package outline file for you to design it.
Or we can also design with an additional cost. We outsource the design related work to a professional designer. 

7. Lens naming
You can make lens names and send to us.

8. Production
For Production for a new brand, it takes about 2 months initially because designing molds for new package and confirmation of colors is time consuming.  
From 2nd order, it usually takes around 1~1.5 months.

9. Balance payment
Balance payment should be paid once the goods are ready. 

10. Delivery
After the verification of the balance payment, we dispatch the goods by your nominated forwarder or our forwarder together with required documents such as Invoice, Packing list, AWB etc.
You may choose a forwarder which suits your company needs.

Premium package type with blister
Standard Package Type (1).jpg
Daily & Weekly Package for 10 pcs (1).jpg
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